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Why, hello! We just love that feeling when the house lights go down, the stage lights go up, and the light in our client’s eyes is beaming! 
On our site you'll find wide-ranging entertainment options - but we're not a talent agency. Our business model assures that we maintain our independence by representing our clients as opposed to a set stable of acts. This gives us the freedom to help you make smart entertainment decisions and craft custom solutions based on your needs - not our talent roster.
Throughout our extensive history in the entertainment industry, we have built and maintained lasting relationships with entertainment professionals at all levels. As a result of this experience, we have developed a reputation built on absolute trust. When we're on the job, entertainers, their management, major agencies and tour managers relax, having complete confidence in our ability to deliver everything the act needs and everything you need to know to guarantee very best performance. This means you can relax, too.



Imagine having the hottest stars in show business waving your banner. Headline celebrity entertainment attracts positive attention to your company, adds prestige to your event, and is a great way to send guests home with a sparkling new attitude.

Celebrity appearances for corporate and association events are a core part of our business - not a sideline. We’ve been delivering integrated artist procurement & negotiation, contract and rider compliance and production management for nationally known acts for decades. When working with celebrity artists, you want to make sure your partner has been there and done that and they're working on your behalf to see that the sound and lights are cued and you aren’t living with the superstar's contract and rider for the rest of your career!

"I got a system that's guaranteed. I got a rock 'n roll strategy." - 38 Special



After you've signed the perfect entertainment for your event, the work begins in earnest. All acts have production requirements. National acts add complicated contract riders that can drastically affect costs. Riders can be 30/40 pages or more; they address sound & lighting, security, catering, travel, ground transportation, dressing rooms, merchandising, VIP reception, brown M&M’s and more.  Get the picture?

Negotiations can get hairy. The numbers can drive your budget through the roof. At EventGenuity, there is no learning curve. We've been producing entertainment events for decades. We know when to red line frivolous requests and which contract clauses are essential for the best results for both our clients and the artists.


"We’ve got them!” -General Custer at Little Big Horn











We are proud that savvy meeting and event planners, production companies, event marketers and DMCs across the country call us first for show and dance bands.

It's for a good reason. Our history in the entertainment business has provided lasting connections that enable us to secure the perfect act to help reinforce your message and keep your guests moving.Wherever your show, we’ll identify options that best support your brand and align with your culture.


Know ‘em? Love ‘em? Can’t live without ‘em? If you’re looking for a specific show/dance act please give us a call. You can bet they are in our comprehensive database of proven top-tier corporate talent.

"Get Up Offa That Thang, Dance til you Feel Better" - James Brown



"The secret of happiness is variety but the secret of variety like the secret of all spices is knowing when to use it." - Daniel Gilbert

Whether to add pizzazz or bring energy to a general session, networking reception, awards presentation, product launch, or blow-out closing gala - we’ll scour our databases (and everyone else’s) to find the ideal entertainment to dazzle your audience. Whatever you are trying to say - we’ll find the right act to help you say it.


From high-flying acrobats and cirque performers to gospel choirs, emcees, marching bands or racing pigs.  If it’s unusual or extraordinary, weird or wonderful, elegant or outrageous, cultured or crazy - we’ll help you identify the perfect fit.

Lyeric Crew





Comedy can be a great icebreaker, mood enhancer or stress reliever if you work with acts who are experienced with corporate audiences.

If we recommend a comedy act, you can be sure that they've been thoroughly researched to ensure that they understand the unique requirements for material and behavior at corporate events.

“When people are laughing, they're generally not killing one another.” - Alan Alda






Get the

news before it's news.

Hear what's what from Who's Who.

See the future through the eyes of people who make it happen.


"I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow." - Woodrow Wilson

EventGenuity, LLC acts only as an entertainment broker/producer for corporate functions, private engagements, and special events. EventGenuity, LLC does not claim or represent itself as the exclusive agent or management of any artist on this Website. EventGenuity, LLC is one of the country's top corporate/celebrity entertainment and business events management companies. The images of the artists shown are the property of the individual artist. EventGenuity, LLC disclaims any ownership or other interest in such image.

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