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I love sharing what I've learned about business, entertainment and business events, and helping teams maximize potential.

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There’s No Business that’s

NOT Show Business:

Entertainment at Business Events

A Look at Risk in a Changing World:
Emergency Preparedness for Business Events 





Music Licensing for business Events:
Are you playing their song?
Connectivity at Business Events: 
Elevating the Bandwidth Conversation
The Attendee Experience:
Making Your Show Count

Room Block Poaching:

It Could Happen To You

Cyber Safety:
Is Your Head in the Cloud?

What's keeping YOU up at night?


​Let's talk about co-creating custom content!

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Board Training | Strategic Planning | Facilitation

Team and Board retreats are the perfect time to pull everyone together, celebrate accomplishments, identify current and future challenges, and set clear action-oriented goals.


When teams undertake a major discussion it is helpful to have an independent and objective facilitator to steer the discussion, challenge assumptions and arbitrate as necessary.


As a board leads and sets the tone for the organization, it is also important that the facilitator ensures that the discussion and decision are consistent with the values and vision of the organization.


Michael has extensive experience of working with and serving on Boards, large and small, on issues from strategic planning and succession planning to working more effectively together, with laser focus on members as the top of the organizational chart. 



Board Operations
  • Board Roles & Responsibilities

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Change

  • Fiduciary Responsibilities

  • Avoiding Silos

Member Care
  • Member Recruitment and Retention

  • Member Engagement

  • Attracting, Managing, and Planning for High Performing Volunteer Leaders

  • Focus on the Value of Membership

  • Building Community

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